Monday, May 10, 2010

Nursery furniture

So we went out and got the baby's furniture this weekend. I like it because it looks strong and masculine but not too masculine. I wanted to get it in a cherry finish but Tony liked this color better so I went with this. It didn't really matter to me too much and I'm trying to take some of his input and go with it so he can feel like he's contributed. He may not act like he cares about all this stuff now, but he will later. We also bought a glider and ottoman but I can't find pics of it yet. since we've been saving our reward points on the credit card for awhile, all 4 pieces are only costing us about $450 out of pocket which is great! I also got the bedding. I hope it's cute in realy life.

This weekend wiped me out. We cleaned out the sun room and the dining room and the baby's room in preparation for Karrie's bridal shower this weekend and for the furniture for the baby's room that will be coming in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait until I can quit calling this kid "the baby" and give him a real name. Tony still calls him Blake but I just nod and say whatever. We will figure it out. Jackson and Luke are still my front runners.

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