Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So here I am at 22 weeks. I'm actually 23 weeks this week but I'm a week behind on taking photos. I feel like I have grown so much in the past 3 or so weeks. I'm still little compared to some people but I'm beginning to feel it in my back and when I'm trying to get to sleep. Not too much to complain about except that I get so full after i eat that I'm pretty miserable for a few hours. But at least my headaches have eased up a bit so I'm not dealing with that so often.

We went on our babymoom to the Bahamas and had a realxing time. Got 3 spa treatments each and won some money on our last night at the casino. didn't really get any sun but who am I kidding, I'll be a glowing white girl forever. Why do I even bother. :-)

Now, everything is going to start going full steam ahead in the next couple of weeks. I have to plan Karrie's bridal shower, go registry shopping, register for some classes, figure out the whole day care situation, and then I have my shower in June. I'm a little overwhelmed but it will all work out I know.

Now if I can just figure out how to eat without feeling terrible afterward life would be great.

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