Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Being pregnant

Before I got pregnant I never really thought about what is going on in the life or mind of a pregnant lady. You see a pregnant lady and think how cute or thank goodness that isn't me, depending on what stage in life you are in. But it pretty much stopped there, at least for me. I don't even remember my sister being pregnant or feeling the baby. I didn't even know all the issues she had until I got pregnant and she told me. But since becoming pregnant, I obviously have a new perspective on the issue.

Being pregnant is hard, I don't care if you have an uncomplicated pregnancy or problems up the wazoo. All these changes going on are just plain hard on your body and mind. There are so many things other women don't tell you about what is gonna happen with your hormones and your body. You would think women would talk more openly about it but they don't. We are all on our own for some of this stuff. I guess some stuff is just too embarrassing or yucky to talk about with people you see all the time. Thank goodness for message boards. Those girls put it all out there, no shame, no matter the topic. I have learned so much from those girls.

I hope I'm not cursing myself, but I've had it pretty easy so far this pregnancy. Sure, I've had terrible headaches, and I feel terrible for about 2 hours after I eat, and sleeping is becoming harder to do, but I know I could have it much worse. But I still need to have the occasional pity party for myself about how I feel. Because this is all new to me and some of it I just don't understand or I wish would just go away, and I feel very alone sometimes. I wish I could speed it up so he gets here now, but I know I'm not ready yet and neither is he. I need more time to prepare and I know I will have more things to overcome before that day gets here.

I'm not one of those people who loves being pregnant but I don't hate it either. I'm in the middle on that one. There are some really neat things about being pregnant and some things that really suck. I wanted to do this, but I guess I didn't think or know about all the hard stuff you have to go through in order to get to the big payoff at the end of it all.

This post isn't a pity party post. It is more of a state of conciousness post. This is just what's going on in mind at this moment.

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