Tuesday, August 24, 2010

39 week appt

Here's my 39 week pic.

Still weighing in at 172, so I guess this baby is just eating all my calories. Good for me, hopefully okay for him. I don't want a 9 lb baby. I've been treating myself to a dessert pretty much everyday lately. :-) Dr. says he will probably top out at 8 to 8.5 if he goes to the due date. We talked induction today and the Dr. and I decided to schedule an induction for next Friday September 3 if the baby doesn't come by then. That way, he can deliver him and I won't have to wait until after the long weekend. I'm good with that.

He says I'm still about 2cm dilated but I'm 80% effaced, which I guess that's how soft my cervix is. Other than that, I was having a few little contractions today and I told him the baby isn't moving as much so he put me on the NST machine again. Everything looked great, the heartrate is still in the140s.

Friday will officially be my last day at work, if I make it that long. So glad to have to end dates now. One for work and one for the pregnancy. I will only be pregnant 9 more days at the most. AMEN! I hope I make it to this weekend.

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  1. Just found your blog. I've read the beginning to end (slow work day). Welcome to the blog world although it seems you've been doing it longer than me. My address is http://lifewhileimwaiting.blogspot.com

    I'll look forward to following your upcoming adventures.