Monday, March 14, 2011

6 months 1 week stats

We went for Jaxson's 6 month shots on Friday.  I made Tony go with me this time but he had to leave right as we were put in the room because our new couch was being delivered.  Jax took the shots a little better this time.  Each time it seems to get a little better but I'm sure he doesn't think so.  He weighed a whopping 17 lbs 12 ounces, his head is 17 3/4 around and his length is 26 3/4.  He is in the 50 percentile for weight and 70-75 for height and head.  Our little boy who at first wouldn't grow fast enough for the doctors in the beginning is definitely making up for that now.  He also slept through the night too, from 11pm - 7am.  Amen.  If we could only get a couple more of those a week mama would be so thankful.

He has really been making some changes lately.  When we used to put him to bed,  if we woke him up even the slightest little bit, he would freak out and wake himself up and cry until we fed him again or stay awake for another hour.  Now, for the past week or so, we have been putting him in the bed half asleep and he just turns his head and goes nigh-night and stays that way for hours.  Even for naps.  I've put him in his crib wide awake after looking for the tired signs and he just puts himself to sleep.  It is wonderful.  I feel like I have so much more time to myself now, even though it is just a few more minutes, but I guess it is less stressful too.  He seems to like the crib a lot now, so that's good.  We are gonna have to start putting him in there in the next couple of months.  He is gonna outgrow the PNP in the next 7 pounds.  that will be a sad day, but maybe we will all get a better nights sleep.  Fingers crossed.

He still does not want to sit.  It is lay or stand for my little man.  He is very stubborn about it.  I have to literally bend him sometimes.  He doesn't like that too much.  I keep telling him (not that he understands) that he will have so much more fun when he starts sitting and he'll be able to start doing more things too.  He doesn't listen.

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