Monday, December 5, 2011

Cat food and dog water

So I have a cat food eating, dog water bowl slurping toddler.  It isn't as gross as it sounds or maybe it is but whatever, it could be poop smeared on the walls I guess.  Hopefully I will never have to deal with that.  Anyway, Jax has begun to show his mischievious side lately.  For some reason, he has begun eating the cat food out of Joy's bowl.  He tried dog food a few weeks ago but I guess he didn't like it because he spit it right out.  Cat food must taste different because anytime he is in the kitchen, he goes straight for it.  He will go behind the table, stand there, wait for me to notice and as soon as I run over to get him away from the food bowl, he bends over and eats some cat food.  And then he smiles at me as he chews.  As if to say, I got ya again mama.  Ha ha!!!

Then, he will go over to the water bowl and stick his hand in it and wave it around until I notice.  See, he waits until I notice before he stops.  I will look down and he will be squatting, looking up at me, twirling his little hand in the disgusting slobber infested dog water bowl. Occassionally he will suck his fingers afterward, but mostly he just likes to swirl his hand around in it.  Then, once he gets caught, he will go find Sadie and point his finger at her and blame it on her.  Like she did something wrong.  He takes no blame whatsoever.  It's cute...but not.

Pushing the boundaries already.

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