Wednesday, December 7, 2011

15 months

You got 2 bottom molars this month.  So that brings us up to 10 teeth.  I can not wait until you have all your teeth.  You are such a sad teether.  You have woke us up every night this month until last week.  Hopefully we will have some down time from all the teething for a while.

You have begun putting yourself to sleep.  This just started last week but it is wonderful.  Usually you have to be sound asleep before I put you in your bed or you will not go quietly or at all.  But something must have clicked, because all of a sudden, I have been putting you in there awake and just telling you to go nigh-night...and you do.  Most times you just role over and stick your butt in the air and go to sleep but last night you talked to yourself for a little while and then hit snooze.  Amazing and so nice for us.

You are almost running now.  You still like to be picked up and held but you really like to walk on your own too.  You are doing better at holding hands when needed.

You have slept through the night for the past week.  You go to bed between 8:30-9pm and you wake up around 9am.  It's been wonderful.

Tantrums have begun big time.  But I will take a tantum anyday as long as you continue to sleep through the night.

You weigh 26 lbs and are 31.5 inches tall.

You and Sadie are becoming pretty good friends.  She will even let you pet her and give her lovin now (sometimes).

You are really into reading and books.  You read to yourself and love to show us where all the animals and plants and stuff are on the page.  You have memorized most of the books we have for you.  Don't worry, you will be getting a lot of new ones for Christmas.

We still don't know what color your hair is.  I still see some red and dirty blonde but the browns seem to be taking over.

You are so curious about everything.  Inquisitive is the word, I think.

You are still drinking 2-3 bottles a day.  As long as we both still enjoy it, I don't see why we can't continue doing it a little while longer.  You are my only baby and I want to enjoy allof this baby stuff for as long as you will let me.

You took your first plane ride to NYC and you did great.

You said ball yesterday.

You are still very cuddly especially in the morning.  After your bottle, you jsut curl up in my arms and cuddle for a good 10-15 minutes.  I love it.  You even do it with daddy.

You are still just a happy baby for the most part.  Your teachers tell us how happy you are and how smart you are too.

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