Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My hope

I hope we are doing a good job.  I hope I'm the best mama and Tony is the best daddy this kid would wish for.  I hope we are teaching him everything he needs to learn from us to be a good person.  I hope he knows I make him wears his clothes for a reason and not just to torture him.  I hope he likes us as much as we like him.  I hope he stays as sweet and loving as he is now.  I hope he continues to be okay with sharing.  I hope he respects girls and old people and most importantly us.  I hope we are embarrassing parents...but in a good fun way because it's a rite of passage for all of us.  I hope he wants to be our friend when he is older.  I hope he enjoys seeing us and spending time with us when we are older.  I hope he trusts us enough to be open with us about personal stuff.  I hope he will know he can talk to us about anything.  I hope he has a personal relationship with God.  I hope we put him on the right path.  I hope he is good at math because we are not.  I hope he is creative and isn't afraid to sing or talk in public like I am.  I hope he marries a sweet girl that likes me and Tony.  I hope he has lots of babies (after he is married) and loves them as much as we love him.  I hope he tries his hardest at everything he does and doesn't quit.  I hope he plays fair.  I hope he is a good winner and loser.  I hope he is charitable to those that have less than he does.  I hope he is smart with money.  I hope he has a good sense of humor and can tell a good joke.  I hope he has lots of friends that are good influences on him.  I hope he is happy.  I hope he can have a good time in any situation.  I hope he can dance better than his dad.  I hope he uses his gifts.  I hope he appreciates what he has.  I hope he will be someone people look up to. I hope he stays healthy.  I hope he has a very blessed long life ahead of him.  I hope he knows how loved he is and always will be.

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