Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Does this look like the face of a rebellious stubborn child?

The answer is a big fat YES. I knew we would have a stubborn kid.  There was no way not to.  Tony and I are two of the most stubborn people I know.  I met my match when I met him.  So naturally we would pass that trait down to our lovely little boy.  Not that I have any idea of what is to come with raising a child but I just didn't think the rebellion would start so soon.   Stupid me.

For example:
He knows he is not supposed to climb on the ledge of the fireplace.  But he will look at me as he is lifting one foot up and wait until I see him and say no, get down.  Then he will pull himself up there as fast as he can and he smiles the whole time he is doing it.  Like he is egging me on.  What are you gonna do about it mama?

He know's he is not supposed to eat dog food but once again, he waits until I see him to steal some and put it into his mouth. He thinks it's a treat. It must taste gross but he seems to like it.  Or he will eat Sadie or Joy's food and run to me with a smile on his face and chew really loudly, showing me what is in his mouth.  Like, see what I did?  What are you gonna do about it mama?  When I go to discipline him, his little mouth always smells like dog food.  How can you not smile at these things?  But we must be firm. :-/

As for bedtime, so far, he does own us.  For some reason, he is perfectly fine sleeping in his bed during naptime but when bedtime comes, he refuses to sleep in his bed unless I put him in there already asleep.  And then he still wakes up a few hours later and will not go back into his bed.  So for the past 1-2 months, he has been sleeping in our bed.  Thank goodness we have a king size bed or one of us would have to sleep in the other room.  I don't know how this started or why he refuses and keeps waking up but I really would like to have my bed back.  But once again, we have a very stubborn child and crying it out does not work.  He wins every time.  If we want any sleep, this is how we have had to do it for the past few months.   I don't know if he is having nightmares, or he doesn't know how to put himself back to sleep, or he just misses us but I would really like to fix this issue.  He is such a faker too.  he will be screaming bloody murder to 15 minutes and as soon as you go in to check on him, the tears are gone and he smiles at us and starts jumping on his bed pointing out all his animals to us. 

It's so hard not to smile or laugh at some of the things he does but I know we have to put our foot down and let him know who's boss or he will own us.

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