Tuesday, April 3, 2012

19 months

19 months, crazy how time flies.  I feel like I just wrote your 18 month post. 
Well, you've had a busy month.

  • Those 5 pesky teeth have finally made their way in and you seem to be eating a little better now.
  • You went to your first splash park and had a blast.  I wasn't sure how you would react to all the shooting water since you are afraid of the shower but you loved it right away.  You splashed and played for a good half hour.  I had so much fun watching you have such a good time.  Your face just lit up.
  • We also went to the zoo. You got to pet a llama, goat and see a rooster up close.  We discovered that you can say cock a doodle doo.  It sounds so cute.  You surprised us all with that one.
  • You rode a train.
  • You are letting us read actual stories now instead of just pointing things out on the pages. 
  • You are learning the ABCs song at school.
  • We count to 5 together.
  • New words are coming out of your mouth all the time now. 
  • No and mine are your favorite words at the moment.
  • You have a knack for turning away from the camera as soon as I go to take your picture.  You used to be such a good picture taker.  Now I'm lucky if I get a side view of your face.
  • You saw hot air ballons and an air show.
  • You rode your first carousel and you loved it.  Too bad we lost our camera with all our pictures on it.
  • You are still sleeping in our room most nights.  We don't know how to fix this.  So at this point, we are just going with whatever gets everyone a decent nights sleep.
  • We have switched to 2% milk.
  • You call bananas - nanas, Aunt Kristi - Isti , Kylee - Ky
  • You learned to say Ahma's name.  You are still working on Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Tony and Karrie.
  • You can say Mark and Jen when you want to. You are choosy about when you want to show off.

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