Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bless you and other words

All of a sudden, Jax says bless you every time someone sneezes or coughs.  It is so cute.  I guess he just picked it up from us saying it because we haven't been working with him on it at all.  It sounds like beshoo when he says it.  If he sneezes and you don't say it to him, he will say it to himself. 

What a polite little boy we've got here.

He also started saying I don't know.  I will ask him where his car or train is and he will shrug his shoulders, open his eyes real wide and say I-o-no?  So freaking cute.

He is learning so many new words every day.  He busts out with words we don't even practice, all the time.  It is amazing. 

My favorite word of his right now is fishy, which he pronounces ishy.  His little mouth is so cute, he's got a little lisp when he says it.  And I love you is still wuv woo.  But I don't mind.  As long as he says it.

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