Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yuck all around...

Well, Jax has finally started pooping again, but now it is this nasty thick pasty green poop I've never seen before.  And it stinks like nothing I've ever smelled before.  I'm not too concerned yet.  He isn't in pain and doesn't look uncomfortable so I'm just gonna watch it until his appt next Tuesday.  His farts are still disgusting and lingering. 
He peed on his face for the first time on Sunday night.  I was changing him and I looked away for a second to get another diaper and wham, pee right in his eyes, mouth, ears, everywhere.  He looked at me like why did you let this happen, and then proceeded to scream for the next 15 minutes.  Finally I had to just feed him to get him to stop.  I'm sure it was really traumatic and I don't think pee would taste very good so you can't really blame him.  I'd probably cry too.

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