Monday, January 3, 2011

Kicked the swaddle

I think we may have kicked the swaddle.  Jaxson hasn't been swaddled in over a week.  He has been doing great staying asleep for 5 hours at a time once we put him down.  Now if we can only get him to go to bed before 11pm that would be great.  No more slapping himself in the face.  If he could keep the pacifier in his mouth or just not need it, we would be in heaven and somewhat back to a normal sleeping arrangement.  I still have to put it back in his mouth at least 2x a night.  Pain in the butt.

Speaking of butts, :-) he has only pooped 1x since last Thursday.  I'm not too worried since I've heard and read that breastfed babies can sometimes go up to a week without pooping.  But...his farts, which are becoming more frequent, are so foul!  Ugh, it is disgusting.  These things are like stink bombs.  And they linger.  He will fart several times while I'm nursing him and I have no escape. It's so gross.  He woke Tony up this morning from one.  I wish he would just poop out whatever he's got going on in there so we won't have to deal with the farts anymore.  Yuck!

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