Wednesday, January 12, 2011

4 month shots and appt

We went to get his 4 month shots yesterday, and after sitting in the waiting room for an hour and then sitting in the exam room for almost another hour, we finally got it done.  This time he was more aware and looking around at all the dinosaur images on the walls but he kept getting ansy in the long wait.  It sucks that it takes this long to get them done.  Not fun trying to entertain a baby in a doctor's office for 2 hours but I did it.  He fell asleep a couple of times and we played on the table for a while but by the time the nurse came in to give the shots, we were both ready to go.  She did them much faster than the last time.  3 shots in the legs.  He screamed like I have never heard before.  I had to tell him to breathe (not that he understood me or anything) but once he started sucking on his pacifier he settled down and within 5 minutes he was back to his happy little self.  then we went home and ate some lunch and we both passed out for about 2 hours.  This mama needed a nap too.
He is now 14lbs 12oz, 25 inches long and his head is 16.75 inches around.  My little baby boy is getting bigger everyday.  Love him to pieces.

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