Friday, January 21, 2011

My lil redheaded pale baby

I am as pale as they come.  I hated it growing up, being all freckled and white.  I've never been a beach bunny, even when I had the body for it because beach bunnies are tan.  One year in high school, I wanted a tan so bad, I mixed baby oil and iodine together, slathered it on and laid out all summer with my best friend (who was as tan as they come).  What did I get from it?  Not much of a tan, just lots of sunburns and peels.  Peer pressure I guess.  I still haven't come to terms that I will never be tan but I'm getting more okay with it.  Growing up, if you asked anyone who knows me what kind of guy I wanted to marry when I grew up and they would say...someone with dark skin so my babies will have a tan.  So, here I am, married to a guy with Italian blood running through his veins, one who gets pretty tan when he wants to and my kid's skin is porcelin white and he looks as though he will have some sort of red in his hair.  I thought I would be giving my kid a chance mixing it up with Tony's genes but no such luck.  Jax is an angelicly porcelin pale skinned red head.  Go figure.  He's beautiful and perfect. :-)

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