Friday, May 6, 2011

8 months old

I'm a few days late but it's been a hard week. We had a good Easter. He got to go egg hunting and got a few eggs with some money in them. He Easter baskets from both sets of grandparents and I managed to get a picture with bunny ears.

I can't believe the difference a month makes.  Jax has picked up a few "bad" habits in the past month.  He has started fake crying and complaining.  I think he is picking this up at daycare.  He has always been the easy baby at daycare, no crying, pretty easy going, but all of a sudden, when you try to put him down or aren't quick enough to pick him up, he is squinting his eyes and screaming bloody murder.  Then, as soon as you pick him up, he is fine again.  No tears, just squinty eyes and crying, then life is good again.  We have called him on a few of his tantrums and he will stop, look at us and laugh as if he knows we caught him faking and then he will start cry laughing.  It's very cute when we catch him but hopefully this will not become a trend.  We don't want that baby.
 He can stand with a little help and he is really trying to crawl now.  Yesterday, I put him on the floor on his belly, pulled his arms up a little and he pulled his butt up and rocked on his hands and knees and then thrust himself forward.  He's never done that before so I think we are gonna have a scooter or a crawler in the next week or two.  He gets really frustrated that he can't move forward yet but he'll get there. 

His new favorite activity is to ride on Tony's shoulders.  He can balance himself up there now, so Tony lets him ride all over the house.  He looks to proud of himself, smile beaming and his hands are going crazy with excitement.  Tony likes it too.  Their relationship is growing so much lately. 

I really wish we could get him to sleep through the night on a consistant basis but I guess that's normal.  Now that I'm not breast feeding, at least I don't have to be the only one getting up in the middle of the night.  We've started feeding him more real food.  He really likes pastas and chicken and bread and we are experimenting with bite sizes.  I get freaked out about choking but he seems to be doing well with everything so far.  Still no teeth yet.  He's a super gummer though.  He weighs somewhere around 20-22 lbs. and he is getting tall.  We've had to raise some of the toys to accommodate his growth. 

Separation anxiety is in full affect.  We got a new car seat for Tony's car so that I wouldn't have to carry the baby carrier anymore.  It was getting too heavy.  He still won't say mama or dada.   When he cries, sometimes I'll hear an mmma sound but that's it.  Getting closer though.  He knows who Sadie and Joy are, if you ask him where they are, he looks for them.  He's so smart and a good troubleshooter.  When he is sitting on the blanket on the floor, if something is out of reach and he doesn't feel like rolling over to get it, he just pulls the blanket until it is within reach.  My little Einstein.

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