Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have mixed feelings about it but today will be my last day.  Jax turns 8 month old today and I guess this is as good a day as any to stop.  I've already done 2 months more than I thought I would.  He is so excited when he sees his bottles now and breastfeeding seems more like a chore to him except for first thing the morning.  I've been weening him for over a month and he has only been nursing from one side once a day for the past week.  We had a sweet little session this morning.  He was all smiles, half asleep enjoying his morning snack and occassionally he would look up at me and give me a grin. I just caressed his head and back and took it all in one last time.  I wanted to make sure the last time we did it that we both had a pleasent experience and today was that day.

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  1. 8 months is awesome! Im glad your last time was so special!