Friday, May 27, 2011

Almost crawling

Look at him goooo......well almost.  This is as far as he's gotten.  He will roll over, get on his hands and knees and rock away for a few minutes.  He gets us so excited and we rock back and forth with him and he gets excited and goes faster and faster then he just falls flat.  Blah!  The other day, he was rocking really fast, Tony and I were cheering him on and he was getting real excited, smiling, all proud of himself and he moved his back leg forward.  Tony and I looked at each other like this is it, he's gonna do it, our cheers got louder and louder and Jax got more and more excited and then this look of what the heck do I do know came over his face...and then he fell flat again.  Oh well, in due time it will happen.  The anticipation and excitement of it is fun for all of us.  He will crawl when he's ready and we'll be here to cheer him on when he does.

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