Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crying It Out

We will not be playing that game.  No thanks.  We have talked about it, tried it for a few minutes at a time and even threatened it for real this time.  But 2 nights ago, we actually did it for real and the results are not what we hoped for.  It was 10pm and Jax was up hang out still not asleep, so I finally decided to put him to bed and see what happened.  Well, crying and whaling happened and lots of it.  We were watching a show on the DVR and every time there was a commercial I would go in there and calm him down.  The minute I left the room, he would scream and cry through our whole TV show.  Every 15 minutes we went in there and he would just cry cry cry.  After an hour of this, I finally went in to just pick him up and cradle him and he was unconsolable.  He could not get himself to calm down.  Nothing we did or offered him made him stop crying. It was a very sad whale of a cry and I felt so sorry for him because he just could not physically stop himself.  Finally, after about a half hour we took him outside and he stopped for a bit, then once we were back inside, he started again.  At about 11:30 he was calmed down and I just went to bed and Tony stayed up with him on the couch.  When Tony finally put him to bed, he had to stay there and watch him fall asleep because Jax kept turning over and waking up crying again.  So at 11:47pm, the boy finally fell asleep.

If the cry it out method means that my baby will be unconsolable for 2 hours every night for a week or however long in the wee hours of the night, then I am not getting on that train.  Sorry.  He knows how to self soothe and sleep through the night.  He just has issues when he is teething.  It sucks that those issues last for weeks at a time, but I can't be up for 2 hours with an unconsolable baby every night.  Hopefully these teeth will come in quickly and quietly from now on but I'm not counting on it.

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