Thursday, October 27, 2011

Loud talking

I am a loud talker. Once you get me started talking about something, I get excited and loud.  It can be about anything, good or bad. I just get really passionate about what I'm talking about.  I've been told to quiet down quite a bit.  When I argue, I get even louder.  In my house growing up, all 3 of us girls talked and argued loud and if you wanted to be heard, sometimes you had to be the loudest, so you yelled over each other. It drove my dad crazy. This is probably not the best way to be, but that's just how it was sometimes.  Tony doesn't really yell unless you get him really mad but occassionally we will get into heated discussions and we will both get a little loud.  Sometimes this happens in front of Jax and lately we have noticed that Jax will wave his arms and grunt at us as we are "discussing" things.  I guess that is his way of telling us we are making him uncomfortable and to stop it.  So Tony and I have talked about it and we are working on communicating better in front of Jax or not to discuss certain things in front of him.  I don't want to be the family that yells all the time.   I don't want my kid to think the only way to be heard is to be loud.  We have caught ourselves getting loud a few times since we discussed it and we change our voices to high pitch happy voices so Jax doesn't get freaked out.  I know this too will have to change since soon, Jax will understand what we are saying.  It's not even always bad stuff we are talking about, sometimes it's just the way we are talking.  Jax just doesn't like the loud voices.  So, we are a work in progress at the moment.  Learning as we go.

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