Thursday, December 16, 2010

First cough

Last weekend Jax started getting his first cough. He made it look like it was the most terrible thing ever, which I'm sure to him it was. It broke my heart when he woke up screaming and coughing 3x in the night. I didn't know what to do at first but letting him eat and pass out on me seemed to work. I thought it was going away but last night he seemed to get more stuffed up and coughy. Hopefully it won't turn into a full blown cold. He looks so pitiful. But it makes me feel good that I can make him feel a little bit better just by holding and rocking him and that I'm the one he wants to comfort him. Yesterday, he was looking for me even when my mom was holding him. Once she gave him to me, he fell asleep in my arms. So sweet. Love him.

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