Monday, December 6, 2010

Some milestones

Things I've noticed Jax doing now:
  • Looking at his little hands in wonder in front of his face.
  • He can grasp a rattle.
  • He found his feet but doesn't care much about them yet.
  • He likes to hear himself talk and coo.
  • He is laughing all the time now.
  • He can stand up from a reclined position (by holding on to my fingers)
  • His neck muscles are getting very strong.
  • He's got good kicking skills
  • He is sticking his tongue out at us.
  • He can find me across the room.
  • He knows our voices, he gets excited hearing us talk to him over the phone.
  • He rolls from side to side but not all the way over yet.
  • He can poop through a diaper like it's no ones business.

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