Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby weight

Well,  I guess I've decided it's time to get rid of the extra 10-15 pounds this kid has put on me now.  I gained 28 lbs and lost 18 lbs pretty quickly.  But in the last month and a half and since I've been back to work I've gained back about 5 more pounds.  I thought breastfeeding was supposed to help you lose weight but I'm so hungry all the time, I guess I've been eating more than the allotted 400 extra calories that it gets rid of a day.  Plus, with it being the holidays, I've been eating a lot of crap.  So, I'm gonna try to eat better once the new year comes around and try to fit in some Wii or something to get back into shape.  I went up a size or two and I'm ready to go back down.  Tony has been okay about it but I know his opinions are gonna start making their appearance shortly if I don't do something about it.  I'm doing it for me though, not just for him.  I'm over lugging around this extra weight.

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