Friday, June 3, 2011

9 months old

I can't believe Jax is 9 months old today.  I feel like I missed some of the first months with him because I was in such a haze.  But he is just getting more and more fun everyday.  He is wearing size 9m and 12m clothing.  He is eating a lot of different foods now.  He will eat anything we give him except for mashed potatoes.  Tony doesn't like them either.  He seems to be allergic to spinach (he got 3 hashes on his face).  He also had a reaction to cinnamon and got a rasho n his tummy.  His favorite thing to do now is be up on his daddy's shoulders.  He is a big flirt.  He can go all directions in his walker now and he likes to pet the animals much to their dismay.  We are learning to pet and not pull.

9 month stats:
  • 20.9 lbs ...........average weight
  • 28 3/4 inches tall .............above average height
  • 18 1/4 head .............above average circumference                                                                         (I guess he's gonna be smart with a big ole head)

Lots has happened this month:
  • May 22, he got dedicated at church
  • Memorial Day weekend  he went to the beach for the first time and played in the ocean.
  • he eats lots of people food off of our plates now
  • he has learned to sit up from a crawl position
  • he rocks back and forth on his hands and knees
  • he is starting to pull up on the furniture
  • he is having major separation anxiety
  • we are finally on some sort of schedule, bedtime is around 8:30-9pm most nights
  • he sleeps through the night occassionally
  • we stopped breastfeeding this month
  • he uses the sippy cup pretty well and he likes to drink out of big people cups
  • he is starting to express what he wants by pointing or gesturing to it
What we are looking forward to this month (hopefully):
  • teeth
  • crawling
  • standing on his own
  • saying mama and dada

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