Monday, June 6, 2011


Morning is not my favorite time of day but since I've had Jax, it's been a bit better.  I am not a morning person and thankfully I married a man who is also not a morning person.  Everyone told us that when we had a baby, that would all change because the baby would wake up at the crack of dawn and that would be that.  Well, for now at least, I am happy to say we have a late sleeper, thank goodness.  Some days he will wake me up at 5 or 7 in the morning but he goes right back to bed after his bottle for another few hours.  This weekend he woke up at 7, had a bottle and went back to bed until 10am both days.  Talk about a great kid.  Giving his parents exactly what they need... SLEEP.  I don't mind getting up at 5 or 7 as long as I get those extra hours afterward to sleep.

This morning, my alarm went off at 6:50 and still no sound from his room.  Sometimes that still makes me nervous but deep down I know it's okay.  Jax slept through the night from 9-7.  Amen!  I love walking in his room to see him still sleeping and rubbing his back, gently waking him up to see him turn over and smile at me.  Melts my heart.  I put my arms out and ask if he wants up and he reaches for me with a sleepy smile on his face.  Love it!  And then, as he is still half asleep, he hugs my neck and rests his head on my shoulder and I just sway with him for a minute or two.  Then I change his diaper, and feed him a bottle as we rock away in the rocker.  I love how he flirts with me while he is eating.  Then it's back to bed for him and off to work for me.  I can handle early mornings like that.  Makes it a little easier to do what I've gotta do 5 days a week.  Although I do wish I could go back to sleep.

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