Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Again with the hormones!

I caught about an hour of this movie called "Away We Go" last night. It's about this expectant couple traveling to different places where family and friends live, to pick a place to raise their kid. Now, any of my friends or family can tell you that I am not a crier when it comes to movies. I will not cry in front of my mom or sister by any means when we are watching movies. I make fun of them for doing it. Although, I couldn't hold back the tears in front of Kylee during Marley and Me, but that was about a dog, come on.

Anyway, This movie just hit me like a ton of bricks. The girl is 6 months pregnant and just everything she is feeling, I have felt in the last few months. She has her pity party moments and the guy being a really good expectant dad, says all the right things, even though they don't help her feel any better, she cries and he continues to say sweet things anyway. I'm watching it and crying and of course Tony comes out and sees me. As I try explaining to him why I was crying, I started bawling some more and I tell him I'm not even sad, it's just the stupid hormones. He tells me I'm so cute and gives me a box of kleenex and leaves the room. I told him he could use a few pointers from the guy in the movie. A hug would have been nice. Just saying. He's doing better at this stuff, but just coming up short sometimes.

Anyway, I'm over these dumb hormones.

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