Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hospital Tour

We took the hospital tour last night. Pretty standard stuff but it was good to get a look at the rooms and have some questions answered.

What we learned:
  • Only 3 people can be in the rooms at one time to visit
  • We have a 2 hour recovery period before we will be moved to our official room
  • We have to be there for 48 hrs from the time of birth before being discharged
  • If I have a C-section, only Tony can be in there with me
  • I need to eat before I get there, because most likely all they will give me is liquids until I deliver (very important to stop for food beforehand)
  • I can shower after the birth if I'm able to walk
  • Visiting hours are from 9am-9pm
  • Baby stays with us the whole time unless there are complications

We learned some other stuff but those are the most important for now. Tony even asked a couple of questions. They were about the wifi connections in the rooms and how he can name the baby without my permission, but at least he asked something I guess. We were the funny couple of the group.

It was good to know what our options are and I will be putting together a plan soon for how I would like things to go. I know everything will happen how it happens but Tony and I have some requests from our families about who we want where in the hours leading up to the birth.

On another note, I freaked out last night because I thought I saw my first stretch marks on both sides of my belly right before bed. There were 4 scratch like things going on. I slathered on some extra lotion and decided not to cry about it unless they were there this morning. Well, I woke up, and they were all gone. I think Tony just scratched me or something. He likes to gently scratch the belly. So luckily, I'm still stretch mark free for now. Crossing fingers that it stays that way.

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