Friday, June 25, 2010

The scary closet

So I got locked in my walk-in closet last night. I got home from work and the maids were cleaning the house. They don't speak very good English and Tony says they are afraid of the dog when she starts barking. Tony was outside mowing the lawn. So I go into my closet to change, and I shut the pocket door so no one can see me. When I get ready to go out, I pull the door open and it is stuck. Not a little stuck, but it would only open enough for me to get my fingers out. So I tried to pry open the door and it's going nowhere. I turn around and realize how small this stupid closet really is, so panick is starting to set in. I yell for someone to help me but the maids have the vacuum going, so they can't hear me and Tony is still outside. I keep yelling HELP, HELP, I'm in the bedroom, but no one responds. Sadie, being the good dog that she is runs to the closet and starts barking at me because I'm yelling and then I hear her run down the hall barking, looking for someone to come help. She keeps barking at the maids and comes back to the closet but I guess they were afraid of her, so they didn't follow her. I hear them turn the vaccuum off, like maybe they heard me, so I scream really loud, the dog is barking but they just turn the vaccuum back on. So I really start to panick now because I really have to go to the bathroom and if no one helps me get out, I'm gonna pee my pants and be stuck in here for at least an hour. So I start jerking at this door, looking like a crazy pregnant woman, all while screaming for HELP. At that point, I thought about busting through the door, I didn't care if I broke it, I just wanted OUT. I could see myself in the mirror so that helped a little, but that closet was getting smaller and smaller by the second. I stuck my head out of the little bit of space I had to breathe cold air, got my composure a little bit and I took another try at the door. At this point, the door was crooked and half way off the tracks, but I jerked it as hard as I could and finally broke out of there. Luckily I didn't have to break the door. I cut my hand and finger in this whole process. I went to the bathroom and cried a little bit just from having so much adreneline in me. It really was a tramatic experience.

I went outside and found Tony, and told him I just needed a hug. So he hugged me and I started crying again. He asked why I was crying and I told him my story. He said he would have broken the door down if he was stuck like that. All in all I was in the closet for only about 10 minutes but it seemed like an eternity, especially knowing that if I couldn't get out on my own, I would have been in there for at least an hour waiting for Tony.

Sadie is my hero. She reacted just like Lassie would have. She tried really hard to save me and that's why I love her. :-)

Lesson learned:

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