Wednesday, July 7, 2010

32 week appt.

Dr. says everything sounds and looks good. I'm right on track with my weight and size. I did gain 7 pounds this month but he said I'm just catching up and I'm right where I should be. That doesn't make me feel any better about it though. I feel like I'm gonna be huge by the end of this. He said just don't make it a habit of gaining 7 pounds each month and I'll be fine.

So now I've officially gained 21 pounds total. Not too bad so far. My goal is to not gain more than 30 so we will see.

My gestational diabetes test came back great. Normal is anything under 140 and mine was 103. The heartbeat sounded great and the baby is head down.

I asked him how far past my due date will they let me go before intervening and he said 1 week. So this baby is coming by Labor Day no matter what. Good to know. I dont' know how much longer I could go anyway.

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