Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kick in the head

Last night, Tony and I were watching tv and he came over and laid on the couch with me. He put his head on my belly and used it as a pillow. Well I guess the baby did not like that because he just starting kicking like crazy at his head. I asked Tony if he could feel it and he said yes. Tony started flicking my stomach trying to make him stop but baby won the battle and wouldn't give up. Tony finally moved his head down to a more comfy position for the baby and the baby settled down. It was cute. He was going crazy last night.

I can feel a bump on my right side most of the time but I can't tell if it is his butt or foot or head or what. The ultrasound lady said he was head down but I still can't tell what I'm feeling.

Got a new pregnancy symptom this week...acid reflux to go along with my heartburn from heck. Almost puked in the bed last night, so gross. This can go away at any time.

Braxton Hicks are in full effect now. Coming more often now. Not painful but pretty uncomfortable.

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