Thursday, July 22, 2010

3rd lamaze class

On Tuesday, we had our 3rd lamaze class. I can see why some people don't think much of these classes, but I also see the benefit to them. I personally am glad we are going to them. Even though we only learn 1 or 2 things that benefit us as a couple every class, we are still learning stuff.

This class we learned what kind of drugs I want during labor. I thought there were only 2 types of epidurals but there are actually 4, at least at Winnie Palmer.

Traditional - used only in C-sections

Light - the normal one, where you can't move or feel anything from you chest down (have to stay in bed the whole time, need a catheter)

Walking - drugs take away sensation of pain but you can still move about and walk around with help to move things along (less intense, less drugs, might need to convert to "Light" to take away pain towards the end, which takes 30 minutes, can feel contractions and know when to push)

Super Walking - same as the "Walking" except it has more pain meds so you won't need to convert in the latter part of labor (jus tthe right amount of pain meds and mobility)

So I've decided I want the Super Walking epidural. I want to be able to move around and keep things goings and it kinda freaks me out to not be able to feel anything. The teacher said in 6 years, no one has needed more drugs after getting this kind of epidural. So this sounds good to me.

She also said the from the time you request the epidural, it takes about an hour from start to finish before you get the full affects of it. So I need to request it before I think I really need it so I have it when I do. I can also get some Stadol in the meantime to tide me over until then. I jsut hate being in pain so I'm trying to be proactive with this.

Tony had to do this exercise where he had to cause me pain so I could block it out with our breathing exercises that we learned. I think he enjoyed that a little too much. I have a bruise on my arm where he squeezed the crap out of it. She said to do this 5x a day until birth so we can learn to focus on something other than the pain. sorry lady, but I'm not putting myself in pain everyday UNTIL labor. Once was enough. I get the point but no thanks, that's what the epidural is for. I better get one.

Also, some of my fears about the epi were put to rest. I found out that Winnie Palmer delivers the 2nd most babies in the world. In the world!!! And that they have no incidence of paralysis from epidurals, which is a big fear of mine. Not that it couldn't happen but it makes me feel a little safer. So they must know what they are doing.

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